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The Bookshelf: Fight Like a Girl and Dancing Naked in Fuzzy Red Slippers

So I went on the opposite ends of the spectrum here. Fight Like a Girl is definitely awesome but also more intense while Dancing Naked in Fussy Red Slippers embraces letting yourself go and making a little fun of life. I really enjoyed them both.

Fight Like a Girl has been out for quite a while and many of you may be familiar with it but it is really inspirational and Lisa Bevere certainly nails what it’s it like to be a woman who feels displaced in life. She encourages  women and girls to appreciate the power of womanhood AND displacement and to not be afraid to “fight like a girl”. How does a girl fight? According to Lisa, and I agree, she fights through prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit and using the powerful word of God. You’ll love it!

Dancing Naked in Fuzzy Red Slippers by Carmen Richardson reads like a diary. It’s so funny because I could so relate to all of her daily experiences. If we think about it, we have goofy, weird, hilarious and even bizarre things happen to us everyday so why not “dance naked in fuzzy red slippers?” and enjoy the ride. Yes, I agree!




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