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How To Wear Your Cardigan In The Spring

How to wear a cardigan depends a lot on the length and color of the cardigan. Depending on the style you choose,  you can mix it with an evening dress, casual dress, top, jeans, pants or skirt. In this blog post we’ll review several idea about what to wear with different cardigans.

What to wear with cardigans and what to wear under a cardigan

The choice is huge but there are several rules:

  • mix contrast colors
  • mix lengths
  • add accessorizes

Based on this you can pick a top, jeans or a dress. Below are a few examples.

How to wear cropped cardigan?

Cropped knitted cardigan you can wear as Victoria Beckham – a classic cut dress and high heel shoes:

How to wear cropped cardigan

Cardigan is an element of the English style of dress, it is not surprising that the Victoria Beckham’s wardrobe has many cardigans variety of colors. In the photo below, by the way, Victoria dressed as a totally English woman: her outfit decorated in deep soft colors and elegant gray dress made of wool in a cage – a classic English tailoring. Beige shoes with open-toed heels and a huge belt tied over burgundy cardigan do bow stylish and modern, see the photo.

In the photo – a cropped cardigan in business English style. Such outfit perfectly fit the wardrobe of a business woman.
Again, pay attention to how beautiful can be worn with a cardigan belt!

But be mindful of the fact that the style loves contradictions, perhaps to the English classic cardigan neutral gray with a print aragayl ( “in Diamonds”), should be put on a dress of bright juicy colors – blue, emerald or yellow as in the photo?


The next outfit can not only keep the most important negotiations in the daytime, but at night to visit a secular party. Rest assured that your choice of clothing will not go unnoticed!
How to wear cropped cardigan
Of course, our example – it is only an outline of ideas for your outfit. If, say, your cardigan – not black as in the photo, and say, brown, blue or burgundy – safely substitute other pieces of outfit and create your own look.

What to wear with cardigans

If you are dressed in clothes of bright rich colors, the best makeup is nude.
Wear inexpensive clothing is fashionable today. Remember what has caused a stir in the media Michelle Obama, when she showed up on the TV in a dress from H & M?
For example, in France the young female students dress is not just cheap it sometimes stressed to look cheap. Personally, I have even had the impression that they are specially selected bags to the fact that the bag is made of synthetic leather, it was obvious a mile away.

Long cardigan outfit

In the photo – Olivia Palermo a black knitted cardigan with fur collar. Talking about the popular trends of the autumn and winter 2016-2017, we wrote, but this season, fur is fashionable almost everything. Dress A-line with a floral print is perfectly combined with high boots. And, of course, do not forget to wear sunglasses!

Here’re long cardigan looks:

Long cardigan outfitLong cardigan outfit












Knitted cardigan with patterns or stripes – blue, red and any other color – combine perfectly with jeans. Try not zip up your cardigan and put on the belt right from the top.

Grey cardigan outfits

Grey cardigans are neutral and elegant. Long or short they look great especially with the white clothing under. Here’re couple grey cardigan outfits:

Grey cardigan outfits Grey cardigan outfits

White dress and cardigan

Summer white dress looks perfect with cardigans – dart or light color. Take it with you to wear in the morning or in the evening and mix with the bright back and lipstick. Here’s couple white dress and cardigan outfits:

White dress and cardigan White dress and cardigan

Brown cardigan

If you like the idea to combine different styles, then, of course, wear a cardigan brown cardigan with silk little black dress, see the photo:

Brown cardigan
You can also wear brown cardigan with jeans, denim shorts or boyfriends. Once again, our favorite mix of styles and textures – silk and woolen thick knit cardigan beige.

How to wear the long cardigan?

When you wear a long cardigan, it is desirable that created a clear contrast between the colors of your clothes. If cardigan white or milky color, wear a black dress underneath. For black elongated cardigan, wear a white shirt. Although, of course, with all the colors black, without exception, are good, so experiment!
How to wear the long cardigan

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