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My All Time Favorite Artist

I can not think of anyone in the music industry that has such a long career impacting their audience like Toby Mac. I’ve been listening to every single song, purchasing every single CD, attending every concert near me since I was 19. I’m 46! Ya!

For Toby, making every moment count is about more than just saying it out loud. Whether he’s at home with his wife and five children, mentoring new artists, recording in the studio or on the road with his band Diverse City, Toby’s heart for collaboration is rooted in his belief that no matter where we’ve come from, we are better together then we are alone.

Originally hitting the scene as a part of the dynamic trio DC Talk in the 80’s with equally admirable Michael Tate and Kevin Max, the band reached across creative boundaries and stood firm in their love for Christ and equality, deeply inspiring others to love.

I would really love for you to learn more about this amazing artist and I love what he says-

“I don’t want to gain the whole world and lose my soul.”



Noel Miskovsky

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