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6 Wonderful Non Traditional Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

I really don’t think I would have made a great hippie. My parents were decent at it I suppose but I am too much of an activist. I know hippies were activists in their own right  (some of them anyway) but I am blessed/cursed with a unique combination of being conservative and liberal, feminist yet still finding the value of a woman caring for children and staying at home, a Christian but not religious, oh my gosh, it makes my head spin sometimes when trying to decide where I stand on an issue! But phooey on all of that right now! Let’s talk Christmas. Let’s talk Christmas on a budget. Let’s talk Christmas with meaning and depth and gifts that have a lasting impact! Here are my top 6 Wonderful Non Traditional Eco/Human Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas-

Nature’s Grace Peace Lilly


Available on Etsy

This potted lily is a traditional gifting plant that’s easy to care for and looks wonderful in any environment. Its glossy, dark green leaves and long white flag-like flowers flourish indoors and can last for even those who do not have a green thumb. Care instructions are included.
  • One potted Peace Lily plant (Spathiphyllum)
  • Arrives with multiple blooms
  • Gift stands approximately 20-22 inches tall
  • Includes 6″ diameter standard woven basket
  • Upgrade container options are also available
  • Care instructions included
  • Item #30003768


The Juice Plus Garden Tower

JP garden tower 2

Pests, disease, weeds—traditional gardening can be complicated and time-consuming. But because Tower Garden automatically delivers water and nutrients when they’re most needed, you’re able to grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort. And healthy plants can better protect themselves from pests and diseases naturally, without pesticides. Plus, you don’t have to deal with weeds (or getting dirty) because there’s no soil.

Want a garden but don’t have the space? Dealing with drought? Because of its vertical, compact design and closed-loop system technology, Tower Garden requires as little as 10% of the land and water traditional growing methods use. So it’s perfect for sunny small spaces, such as balconies, patios, rooftops—even your kitchen provided you use grow lights. And it’s better for the environment, too.

AND I happen to know who you can get one from! Comment and let me know you’re interested and I will send you the info!


Potted Herbs


Most people appreciate receiving plants as a gift, but you can take this gift idea a step further by choosing a plant they can put to practical use several times a week. Providing a beautiful and useful gift really shows you took the time to think it out.

Rosemary bushes can grow quite large and make a more useful housewarming present than the traditional ficus. They also smell fantastic whenever you brush against them. Thai basil and sage are two other kitchen plants that can step up to the dinner plate on a regular basis.


Burt’s Bees


i use! I love! Anything Burt’s Bees will make a FABULOUS gift! Now serving up lip colors and lip glosses in addition to an already amazing line of lip balms and skin care. you can Not go wrong here and it’s available almost anywhere!


Reusable Totes


These make a wonderful gift! I picked this one up a small boutique in a small town somewhere in Oklahoma. I think it was intended for travel but I use it as a grocery tote. This is such an amazing way to encourage others to use less plastic and let’s face it, it’s the trendy thing to do! Here’s another one I have-


Cute yes?

you can get super cute totes from anywhere from Vera Bradley and Stella & Dot to Sprouts and Target. Give a minimum of three AND this gift isn’t pricey!




Organic wine is about as simple as it gets for a quick host or hostess gift. One of my favorite affordable organic wines is Our Daily Red. Whole Foods frequently carries it on what I like to call their “wall of wines,” their display with various wines that are priced at less than seven dollars. They also offer a 10% discount on wine if you buy six or more bottles, and they throw in a free fabric wine shopping bag to boot. So when they have it on sale for $6.99 and you buy six of them for the discount, we’re talking a seriously affordable gift here. Believe it or not, there are easy ways to save money when buying good wine.





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