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What to Say When You Can’t Stop Refreshing Royal Wedding Photos on Instagram

You don’t have to justify it, it was a beautiful thing to watch and it was history in the making.  The Meghan Markle glow up is strong. She and Prince Harry got married over the weekend in front of tens of millions of their closest friends. It was a multicultural ceremony that brought the royal family several steps forward. You had an African American bishop deliver a sermon that referenced MLK, civil rights, and social justice. You had a black gospel choir singing a song connected to the civil rights movement. You had her veil, which carried symbols from the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, including African nations that were once colonized by the British. It’s the start of a new era for the royal family. The closest thing America has ever had to Royalty would be the Kennedys I think. Who do you think Oklahoma’s Royal Family would be? I’m going with the Ogles.

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