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Processed Foods…Can Be Good for You???

The dietary zeitgeist favors foods that are “whole” and “local” over those that are “processed” and “packaged.” But omitting processed, packaged foods can make it hard to meet your body’s dietary needs. And although not all processed foods are of equal quality, the best of them can deliver lots of nutrition without doing you any harm. Read on HERE from The Washington Post.

Is Guacamole Healthy?

Compared to traditional salsa, guacamole sometimes requires a more adventurous palate. Its texture and green appearance may raise an eyebrow at first, but guacamole contains a wealth of essential nutrients not found in more processed alternatives, such as mayonnaise. Once you understand the nutritional profile of guacamole, you may decide to use it to replace less-healthy options. Um YES! Read on HERE.

3 Steps To Help Grow Your Instagram

So you know those wedding vendors who already had a ton of blog followers before they started using Instagram? Of course, they’re able to build their Instagram to 100k+ followers quickly! Their followers are simply coming from other platforms. but what about the rest of us who don’t already have a large blog audience to bring to instagram? What about those who are starting from scratch (or almost scratch)? When I first started building my Instagram, I had virtually no blog following… well, besides my son. I was in a perpetual state of the 24/7 hustle, trying to attract clients while nurturing the few clients I already had. It was hard to produce my best work while constantly worrying that client inquiries might disappear the next month. It wasn’t until I made a few intentional tweaks to my Instagram feed while building a strong strategy that I started to alleviate some of that stress. To my surprise (and delight), it helped me start booking clients more consistently too because Instagram gave my business a personal …

This App Will Help You Avoid Toxic Ingredients

The term “all-natural” is thrown around quite loosely in the beauty business and there is a lot of misinformation out there. I try to research my beauty products and the ingredients in them, but sometimes it can be challenging to understand what some of the ingredients are and if the product is actually good for you. I recently discovered the EWG Healthy Living app and it’s so wonderful and helpful! It gives beauty products and groceries a rating based on nutrition, ingredient concerns and the degree of processing. The best scores are rated with a green “1” and the worst with a red “10”. You can also see the breakdown of all the ingredients in the product and then all of those ingredients are rated as well. This is great because it helps you recognize specific ingredients that are red flags. Check out this helpful app HERE.

Chic Directive: Allison Courses Learn Spanish FREE

If learning to speak Spanish is on your bucket list then Allison Courses might be perfect for you, All Alison courses are free to study. To successfully complete a course you must score 80% or higher in each course assessments. Upon successful completion of a course, you can choose to take what you’ve learned and be satisfied with that or make your achievement formal by purchasing an official certificate of completion or diploma. Subscribe to PinkDailyNews to stay up to date on new courses offered regularly. To learn more about this Spanish course visit HERE.

Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl Recipe PLUS 5 Great Mexican Food Restaurants in the OKC

Who doesn’t love Mexican Food?! Okay, well I know of one person but I’m pretty sure he’s just confused. Anyone who follows me on social media my love for healthy food AND Mexican food but the two don’t always go hand in hand. But be not dismayed! Check out this Keto recipe YUM NOM NOM!!! Get it HERE. Some of my yummy fave Mexican food restaurants the metro OKC include but aren’t limited to Carlitos in Yukon, Abuelos with two locations in OKC and one in Tulsa, Chelinos of course and I LOVE the Iguana Mexican Grill and they have wonderful healthy options! What’s your favorite Mexican Food Restaurant in OKC? And do you have a great Keto Mexican recipe? Let us know! Comment below!

What to Say When You Can’t Stop Refreshing Royal Wedding Photos on Instagram

You don’t have to justify it, it was a beautiful thing to watch and it was history in the making.  The Meghan Markle glow up is strong. She and Prince Harry got married over the weekend in front of tens of millions of their closest friends. It was a multicultural ceremony that brought the royal family several steps forward. You had an African American bishop deliver a sermon that referenced MLK, civil rights, and social justice. You had a black gospel choir singing a song connected to the civil rights movement. You had her veil, which carried symbols from the 53 countries of the Commonwealth, including African nations that were once colonized by the British. It’s the start of a new era for the royal family. The closest thing America has ever had to Royalty would be the Kennedys I think. Who do you think Oklahoma’s Royal Family would be? I’m going with the Ogles. Photo by

9 Amazing Benefits Of Baking Soda And Lemon

The combination of baking soda and lemon juice has a number of health benefits, including the ability to detoxify the body, balance pH levels, improve digestion, boost the immune system, aid heart health, protect the skin, heal the liver and prevent chronic disease. It has been a huge benefit for me and my digestive system as well as help heal my pancreatitis. I really encourage you learn more about this amazing natural remedy at OrganicFacts.Net HERE.